The power of superfoods

Earlier this year I shot a series of photos of ‘superfood’ ingredients for The Power of Food, a new release from Whitecap Books by Adam Hart. I’m really happy with the way these turned out. The ingredients were incorporated with text explaining what’s so super about them, and what to do with them. I wanted it to look like they’d just been tossed onto the page you’re reading. Like the goji berries or chia seeds had just been sprinkled over the page so that the reader would instinctively try to wipe them away.

Some of these photos were easy as pie (incidentally not a superfood, unfortunately). The green peas were so cute! Other ingredients proved a little more challenging.

Attractive beets — more of a fall/winter superfood — were difficult to find in April, but I eventually located these guys at the Winter Farmer’s Market. The market was only open Saturday, and I didn’t photograph the beets until Monday.

The best part of this project was the eating of the ingredients. Not even just the eating, but the way I felt living on a superfoods-heavy diet. During the week I was shooting these photos, I wound up eating a lot of the leftover ingredients, and found myself feeling incredibly amazing, focused and full of energy. Since making the book I have returned to a life of canned soups and frozen pizza, but after writing this post I’m determined to start incorporating many of these ingredients into my diet.

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