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Stepping up to the plate with professional cookbook food stylists

From a recent interview for the Quill & Quire:

“Food stylists are like artists, and food is their medium,” says Whitecap Books art director Michelle Furbacher, who has worked closely with photographers and stylists on best-selling cookbooks such as Rose Murray and Elizabeth Baird’s Canada’s Favourite Recipes, Anna Olson’s Sugar, and The Harrow Fair Cookbook.

“Sometimes a recipe doesn’t end up looking quite as lovely as it tastes, so knowing how to play up the strengths of some of the ingredients, or how to present a dish in a way that looks more appetizing, is essential,” says Furbacher.

Read the full article here.

Foodograph gets its Vegetarian Passport

Here’s a look at some pictures from a new cookbook that I photographed. It’s The All New Vegetarian Passport by Linda Woolven — a weighty tome packed with hundreds of vegetarian recipes from far-off lands.

On food styling duty was myself, Ayesha Rashid and Grace Yaginuma — who wins the awesomeness award for being not only the best cook I know but also the best cookbook editor.

Here we see associate publisher Jesse Marchand, her head recently replaced by the book.

And here’s a little peek inside!

Foodograph spotting

A foodograph, on the cover of a wonderful new cookbook! (And one of the top twenty cookbooks of the year, according to The Globe and Mail.)

The power of superfoods

Earlier this year I shot a series of photos of ‘superfood’ ingredients for The Power of Food, a new release from Whitecap Books by Adam Hart. I’m really happy with the way these turned out. The ingredients were incorporated with text explaining what’s so super about them, and what to do with them. I wanted it to look like they’d just been tossed onto the page you’re reading. Like the goji berries or chia seeds had just been sprinkled over the page so that the reader would instinctively try to wipe them away.

Some of these photos were easy as pie (incidentally not a superfood, unfortunately). The green peas were so cute! Other ingredients proved a little more challenging.

Attractive beets — more of a fall/winter superfood — were difficult to find in April, but I eventually located these guys at the Winter Farmer’s Market. The market was only open Saturday, and I didn’t photograph the beets until Monday.

The best part of this project was the eating of the ingredients. Not even just the eating, but the way I felt living on a superfoods-heavy diet. During the week I was shooting these photos, I wound up eating a lot of the leftover ingredients, and found myself feeling incredibly amazing, focused and full of energy. Since making the book I have returned to a life of canned soups and frozen pizza, but after writing this post I’m determined to start incorporating many of these ingredients into my diet.

Trade Secrets

Here’s an interesting conglomeration of food photographers’ tips on using natural lighting, featuring yours truly — Back to Basics: Food Photography Lighting & Styling

Potluck Café

I had a great time shooting some menu items and behind the scenes at Potluck Café & Catering a little while ago. The company is run by Potluck Café Society, whose mission includes employing neighbourhood residents to provide Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with healthy food.

One of the cooler things they did earlier this year was teaming up with the Food Bank to bake 6,500 loaves of banana bread out of 80 cases of bananas that had been rejected as ‘too ripe’ by a Vancouver retailer and could easily have gone to waste. (You can read the whole story here.) The loaves were long gone by the time of our shoot but I had a tasty time sampling some of my photo subjects.

My search bar is famous

My search bar is famous

Though this site isn’t quite complete yet, I somehow managed to make it onto PhotoShelter’s Checklist for Designing an Outstanding Homepage.

As you can see up above, I have compartmentalized my photos in different galleries as a loose means of organization. But the best way to find a particular image is via that giant yellow search bar at the top of the page, which I tried to make as prominent as possible. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please drop me a line… I’m still in the midst of uploading hundreds and hundreds of images, and shooting more daily. It’s quite possible I already have what you’re looking for queued up. And if not, I’m always available for custom photography!